Volume 5, Issue 1 (Fall & Winter 2011)   
 The effect of portfolio approach and genre-based pedagogy on listening comprehension of Iranian EFL learners

Mahmood Reza Atai , Saeedeh Ghotbeldin

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 The washback effects of ESP tests on teaching ESP at Iranaian universities

Gholamreza Kiany , Goodarz Albakhshi, Ramin Akbari

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 Consciousness-raising versus explicit grammar teaching and their impact on Iranian EFL learners’ lexical inferencing

Mojgan Rashtchi , Saiideh Jalili

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 Teachers" perspectives on grammar teaching: Do they correspond with the current principles?

Shiva Kaivanpanah , Davoud Borzabadi, Morteza Nematollahi

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 The effects of synchronous and asynchronous interlingual and intralingual transcript presentation on L2 vocabulary comprehension and production

Abbasali Zarei , Mahsa Saddeghi

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 Nonnative teachers’ rating criteria for L2 speaking: Does a rater training program make a difference?

Zia Tajeddin , Minoo Alemi, Roya Pashmforoosh

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 Magical realism as feminist discourse: Isabel Allende"s The House of the Spirits and Shahrnush Parsipur"s Touba and the Meaning of Night

Farzad Kolahjooei , Maryam Beyad

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